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Highly Credited Unique Service by Hundreds of newlyweds.

Give your Wedding Day guests an Iconic activity from the Victorian era. Have fun seeing your family and guests enjoy riding modern handcrafted Victorian Penny Farthings! with dressing up and so much more!



We will arrive at your Wedding Location and set up a completely interactive Penny Farthing ride attraction for your guests to enjoy during those periods of time within your special day that require some additional fun and laughter!

Delivering a unique way to celebrate your Vintage inspired Wedding Day, guests can ride our very special range of custom built Penny Farthings complete with Top Hats and Tails, whilst providing the Bride and Groom with a jaw dropping 48 inch front wheeled Victorian bicycle as the perfect photographic prop. Our range of Rideable Penny Farthings give children as well as adults an exciting cycling experience that will be talked about for years to come

Our expert riders can ride around your venue and assist you to ride one of the Penny Farthings to create a unique memory.




What you can expect

  • Penny Farthing Riding for all ages, family & guests

  • Brilliant Children’s Penny Farthings for those aged 5yrs and above.

  • Amazingly detailed modern hand-built Adult Penny Farthings!.

  • Costumed staff experienced in engagement and assistance for all.

  • Vintage Props, Backdrops, bunting and marquees.

  • Certificates and Awards for all the ride.

  • Highly recommended, reliable, fast and efficient service at any wedding location.

  • Fabulous Photographic Prop for any Vintage Backdrop.

  • Superb fun with flexible times during your day.

Bride rides Penny Farthing Bike


We provide the most authentic and magnificent Victorian Penny Farthing bicycle for you to use as the perfect photographic prop!

You can trust that the Penny Farthing delivered with this specialist service will be of perfect condition, with hours of polishing and detailed quality.

Wedding vintage Penny Farthing photo


Our Wedding services have been involved with special days all over the UK and Beyond. Delivery and setting up is handled completely by our specialist team, giving you the piece of mind during your special day.

The guest Penny Farthing ride attraction can happen both outside and indoors (dependant on space). Your family and guests will be assisted in enjoying a truly Victorian cycling experience by our team.

Have Penny Farthings at your wedding in 2019


Designed with Historical sites in mind, our specialist range of Penny Farthing bikes are suitable for all ages to enjoy. And can be ridden on all types of terrain without damage to grounds!

Dressing Up and props are all part of this spectacular wedding day attraction, giving much fun and folly. Safety helmets are all in a vintage style making the whole experience safe, exciting and brilliantly unique!

Example of Wedding Penny Farthing Service from Mr Phoebus



If you think that you may may like to Victorian History come to life at your special day with the Iconic Machine that we all know and love as the Penny Farthing!

Make the Victorian pleasure pastime arrive at your Wedding and give the day an extra Wow Factor!

Please get in touch with our team.