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A Highly Recommended Unique Service by The Royal Mint, The National Trust and Skoda UK

See Victorian Penny Farthing Bicycles cycled around your event in a Breathtaking demonstration of skill. With total exquisite engagements that see History come to life!



From the grand opening of a new store to celebrating the redevelopment of a grand pier, enhancing a heritage event or giving the finishing touch to “TV Prisoner” themed after-show party. Mr Phoebus gives exquisite engagement in a very Victorian fashion. You can expect high impact engagement with skilled demonstrations within your event, no matter how busy the footfall. For those visitors and members of the public brave enough to get up high can be sure to receive one of Mr Phoebus’s most coveted Certificates!

The skilled Penny Farthing cyclists are dressed in the finest of Victorian Costume, Top Hats and Tailcoats. Almost 100% accompanied by a secondary minder and engagement member of staff to help answer questions, take photographs for visitors and make sure safety is paramount.

Mr Phoebus is the specialist in providing a unique completely interactive Victorian cycling experience for all the family for events, public engagement and educational days. With over 6 years and 900 hours of riding experience Mr Phoebus is both a skilled demonstrator but also film and photographic character model.

We supply Iconic services to Heritage locations across the UK such as Chatsworth, Blenheim Palace,
The National Trust and English Heritage. 



What you can expect

  • Massive ICONIC Victorian Penny Farthing Bicycles

  • Skilled Penny Farthing Demonstrations

  • Visitors get a chance to mount up high on awesome machines of the Victorian Era

  • Costumed staff experienced in engagement and assistance for all.

  • Crowd and Show-Stopping Experiences!.

  • Certificates to all that sit High.

  • Highly recommended, reliable, fast and efficient service in all weathers.

  • Careful logistical planning and delivery at any location. Also experienced in Overseas Services.

Penny Farthing at Tour of Britain 2018



ith a visually professional, stylish and authentic range of Penny Farthings - it never fails to capture imagination. Our Public Engagement services places some of the finest examples of Victorian Bicycles within touching distance of your visitors!

With an exceptionally skilled team of Penny Farthing riders who are experienced in cycling in and around some of the busiest of events, this is a true crowd pleaser!

The Bicycles used for this service include both original and highly crafted replica Penny Farthings from one of the finest craftsmen in the UK.

Our specialist team will arrive at your venue, ready to engage and provide you with the ultimate in Victorian Experience. Public Liability Insurance and Health and Safety is all above 4.8m, and to date.

Skoda with the Penny Farthing Company Mr Phoebus


During averey public engagement service provided by Mr Phoebus you can be assured that every effort is made to make the Iconic statement of Victorian Cycling last in the memories of your visitors for a very long time ahead.

We pride ourselves on having the most experienced team of engagement staff (many from heritage-site and promotional background).

We can supply Branding wheel discs that attach to Penny Farthing Wheels, Backdrops, POS and Marquee’s.

We can even offer Branded Certificates!

Penny Farthing at Blenheim Palace


Ultimately the whole experience is about fun through learning. With the Engagement service, we have plenty of educational excitement, demonstrational thrills and memorable moments that are unique to many events!

You don’t get the opportunity to mount a Penny Farthing everyday (if ever), and so for all that do we give a smal certificate to take home.

Both Adults and Children (with Parents Help) are encouraged to sit up high!.. for many this will be a chance of a lifetime - for Mr Phoebus, it’s what we do, and we like to show we do it well.

Ride a Penny Farthing at Regents Park


Over the years Mr Phoebus and team have been involved with some truly outstanding events across the United Kingdom. Tour de Yorkshire, Tour of Britain, The Evo Womens Tour and huge cycling events have all had the attendance of Mr Phoebus in the past, bringing the unique history of cycling to life!

The passion for this truly outstanding machine goes well beyond the hard tires, big wheels and keeping these machines working hard and looking fabulous!

Mr Phoebus and the team are always bringing together new ideas, new demonstrations and exciting ways to engage whatever the event, whatever the location both inside and out!

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Interested Penny Farthing


If you think that you may have an event that would love to see Victorian History come to life with the Iconic Machine that we all know and love as the Penny Farthing!

Please get in touch with our team.