It all started when…

Back in 2003 I visited a wonderful National Trust property called Snowshill Manor, a Cotswold manor house packed with extraordinary treasures collected over a lifetime by Charles Wade. During that visit I was able to see a real Penny Farthing (or Ordinary) for the very first time. Although like many, I knew what they looked like - I had never seen one in real life, and I was amazed!    

A unique idea was born on that visit, and that was to create what Mr Phoebus is today.  Experiences with the Iconic machine we commonly known as the “Penny Farthing”, not just for experienced cyclists with a head for heights! But for everyone.

After months of development, creative thinking and determination, the first fully interactive, public engaging and educational Penny Farthing experience day came together in late 2003.    Since then Mr Phoebus has seen thousands of children and adults ride, learn and ultimately experience the most quintessentially iconic piece of Victorian history.

A unique attraction at some of the largest events, festivals and public gatherings, the Highly Recommended services of Mr Phoebus has gained a very impressive client list that includes The National Trust, The BBC, The Caravan Club, ITV, Channel Four, London Design Museum, to name a few.   

From supplying a full family attraction at events across the globe to providing stunning handcrafted Victorian bicycles with experienced riders to the Film and Television industry, providing the ultimate in Wedding entertainment and Birthday moments, creating the perfect Vintage inspired public engagement to promoting brands in a unique way with the most amazing staff.  

This is the unique and innovative Penny Farthing Experience, this is Mr Phoebus.